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Yanking out the PEG Tube

Almost over a year and half after we inserted the PEG tube to feed our father, it was time to remove it this summer.  Hurrah.  He is able to consume food orally, although with some coughing and not at a stellar pace, but the good news is he can eat.  

Since inserting the PEG was such an adventure, we expected it would alteast be half as much for its removal.  Once this decision was made,  we wasted maybe another two to three weeks to arrange for finances.   It was destination Apollo, so obviously we deemed it necessary to be stuffed with money when we walked in.

We fixed an appointment with the same gastro doctor who had inserted it.   As usual had a bag full of questions for him - How long will it take? Should his stomach be empty?  Expected wait time for the procedure?  The cost? Any tests?  All the Doctor had to say for any question was that it was a simple procedure and to just get him to the hospital.

The Doctor walked in to the waiting room within five minutes of us getting there.  He asked to wait outside, I wanted to watch, reluctantly he agreed. He just twisted the PEG tube and yanked it out.  Thats it.  A little bleeding, a small dressing and we were ready to leave.  All this at no cost.

One of my closest friend's husband works in the Hospital's Management and was appalled to be informed only as we were leaving.  Graciously he walked us to our car.  Never had it so easy, happy and free at the Apollo. 


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