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One of the persistent recommendations during our father’s ICU days to stimulate the unconscious brain was to repeatedly play his favorite music or a recording our voices.   Trusting a positive response to the music than to our voices, the choice of which to play was an easy one.  We did it in the ICU, later when in a private room, and also when at home.
A cousin of ours gave us a CD by one of those new age teachers.   The recommended dosage to play was everyday for one hour and continue this for at least a month.  Did we follow it?  Ofcourse we did.  I read somewhere that classical music helps, especially with a varied tempo.  So Hindustani and Carnatic instruments would rock on in his ears when asleep.    
It is beyond doubt for me that music helps and what we did helped.   Although I don’t exactly know how.  This seems to be the conclusion of most of the literature on music therapy  - very effective, uncertain strategy and studies to channel the efforts for maximum results are sti…