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Stroke Support Group – 1-2-3 GO!

For the longest of times I have been obsessed with forming a support group for families with stroke patients.    In my conversations with Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Social workers one of my predominant questions would be if they know of any families with stroke patients.    If they answer in affirmative, then they would be subjected to a barrage of questions.   What happened? When? Present condition? Who takes care of them? Which Neurologist is consulted?  Which hospital?  And the questions go on.  It usually ends with “May I have their contact number and talk to them myself?”
If I do get the number, the families would be asked these and more questions.   In almost all the cases there has been a ready willingness to talk and share.   So now I have around 10 families or so that I talk to on regular basis.  Getting a call from them is a rarity, its usually me hounding them every now and then to enquire of progress or the lack of.
Hungry for more families I reached out to o…