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Tooth Fairy

Our father’s lower teeth dentures were missing since the time of his hemorrhage.   They were removable; he was supposed to get them out every night before hitting the bed. We were on the lookout for them.  Well, to be precise my sister was.   She asked everyone -  at the first hospital he was taken to, to the neighbors who took him there,  to any and every staff who came in contact with our father at the specialty hospital where he was later admitted.  No luck.  Dentures weren't to be found. 
We got home, months passed, urinary infections visited us a ton of times, my sister still didn’t forget the dentures.  I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about.  Yes, our father could eat orally, but it was more of swallowing than chewing, so I didn’t see the urgency for tracking down the missing dentures.
Bowing to the pressure from his wife and being a dentist himself my brother-in-law took our father to his mentor who is a leading prostodontist in our city.  The Doctor was a goo…