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Diagnostics labs in Chennai - Dime a Dozen


If one were to take a survey of the number of labs in Chennai, the city of our residence, a mindboggling but unsurprising number would show up.   
In our 5 months at Apollo Specialty Hospital (ASH) lab tests made up almost one-fourth of the mammoth bill.  As with many things we realized there is Apollo, and then there is rest of the medical world.   Apparently their equipments and diagnostic procedures are cutting edge, a line of reasoning used to justify almost double the cost of tests done elsewhere.   
Once out of Apollo it was surely a tough act to follow for some of the specialized test.  But for the routine ones - after two years, various labs and multiple tests I have a few favorites.  Lister Metropolis tops the list, other close runner ups like the ‘24’ hour Anderson Lab, Hi Tech diagnostics and Dr. Lal Path Labs, which is our friendly neighbor.
Lister home service is timely in response…