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Lady with a Lamp

While discharging our father from the hospital almost 4 months back, we had some sleepless nights and endless discussions on finding good home nursing.   After much looking around and talking we found two male nurses, one for the day and one for the night.  The night before the discharge, both bailed on us.  The reason – our father was not ready for home care.  Apparently the nurses differed from our neurosurgeon on the timing of discharge.
We managed to have a lady come in on the first night at home.  She was slightly disoriented and was tired most of the night.  I sat vigilant watching her more than watching my father, and was constantly guiding her on what to do.  Decided to call it a night with her, the thought of monitoring her each night was unbearable.  Like a breath of fresh air an experienced nurse showed up in the morning.   She fixed everything – arranged the chaotic room, drew up a chart for medicines and feed, and took care of our father single handedly.  We pinched ourse…


When a dear friend first sent the TED talks link for Jill Bolte, I was fascinated to say the least.  The biggest preoccupation next to my job and my relationship was my experiments with meditation.   Was ever hungry for information on spirituality, read voraciously, watched videos obsessively and ofcouse discussed passionately.   But predictably, practiced meditation poorly.   This video by Dr. Bolte has remained one of my favorites.

Coming back to it after our father’s hemorrhage has been like watching it for the first time.   Don’t know exactly how, but I plan to implement what I learnt from this on my father.