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Its been a rather quiet day.  Only one session of physiotherapy.   No Acutouch since its Sunday. He slept most of the day as the night brought him little sleep.   We - my sister, the nurse and myself watched a movie in the afternoon.   
I write this sitting next to my father who is arranging alphabets while Beethoven’s Eroica (which my sister thinks is too dramatic for this activity) plays in the background.   Watching him arrange is an emotional roller coaster.  When he picks up the right alphabet we get euphoric and when he persistently fumbles we’re almost close to being despondent.   As I look at him,  he has ABCDEFGM, don’t know why he always gets M and N placed in all sorts of combinations.  Am not too worried since this is not the first time and we ain’t going to stop until he perfects it. The persistent worry we have about his recovery seems to abate as we see small and sweet changes in him.  Like right now, he finished the alphabets arrangement (Yes, he figured out the M and th…

Cognitive Rehabilitation – Graduated from a Simple Game

Unlike the zig zaw or matching the shapes game, we picked up this rather simple game not to get disappointed even if our father does not get the first two correctly.  He got the sizes correctly alright, just not always on the first try.  When he got the wrong size in, he would realize it and fix it soon.   I guess we have been playing this for a week now.  This video is the final time he played it, apparently he now gets it all correct in the first try – yahooo!