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Acutouch? Come Again…You mean Acupuncture?

In the first month after we got our father home, we were persistently looking for alternate treatments to help heal him.One possibility that seemed to work, atleast in some ways was Acupuncture.Literature available on it is a galore, so are the practicing acupuncturists.Everyone and anyone apparently is an Acupuncturist.The most reliable seems to be doctors trained in western medicine who are also trained in Acupuncture from China.We found one such very reputed doctor in Chennai.His clinic was far and highly wheel chair inaccessible.The thought of taking our father everyday to that clinic seemed like a mini nightmare.
While still on a hunt for a good Acupuncturist, serendipitously we were told of an ‘Acutouch’ doctor who was in the same area in Chennai as us.Never to let any opportunity to slip by, we paid a visit to the Doctors home clinic.The house located on a rather quiet street was an easy find since it had patients swarming outside the house.
Our Acutouch Doctor is Dr. Krishna…

Cognitive Rehabilitation – One Step Forward

We seemed to have had some progress in the 10 months since the hemorrhage, but nothing significant to change our father’s everyday comfort.  At our wits end on the next steps in rehabilitation, my sister contacted one Dr. Vishalakshi Raman who specializes in Cognitive Rehabilitation.   The Doctor suggested we pick couple of puzzles and games, match it with music and repeat the games everyday – at the same time, with the same music.   The right brain which is receptive to music apparently would get activated and would learn to associate that music with that particular puzzle or game.   This stimulation is likely to help the right brain learn some of the activities of the left brain. 
So we picked up some games last evening.  The first one we tried was placing the shapes in its appropriate spaces.  My sister and I watched him with breathless expectation. 

All the achievements throughout our father’s life did not match the triumph we experienced when he placed the first shape in its right …


Intense and consistent physiotherapy is a huge part of stroke rehabilitation.So we look out for physiotherapists to come home twice a day. Finding a good nurse, yes, we thought that would be some challenge.But finding a good physiotherapist, didn’t know efficient ones were rare finds.
In span of week we changed almost 10 physiotherapists.One of the biggest issues turned out to be our father’s weight.He was a big boy, weighing almost 80 kgs and with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.They just could not lift him.It would take the physiotherapist, our nurse, our driver and one of us (my sister or myself) to make him stand. However it all came down to our driver.The physiotherapist would give directions and our poor driver would hoist our father.So our main criteria - a physiotherapist who would not make our dear driver slave away.Apparently that was too much to ask for. Well, apart from this there were host of tiny issues – most physiotherapists didn’t know how it make it participatory, the…

Question and Answer

It has been 10 months and 5 days since the hemorrhage.   We have come a long way but time has stood still.  Questions on his progress and our responses to them surprisingly haven’t changed.  Scary.
Q : A well meaning person – How is your father? A:  Me- Oh good
Q : A well meaning person – Does he recognize people? A:  Me – Yes, he always could.
Q : A well meaning person – Is he talking? A:  Me – no, he still has the tracheostomy tube.
Q : A well meaning person -  um! But he is eating orally yes? A:  Me – No.
Q : A well meaning person -  Can he walk? A:  Me – No.
Q : A well meaning person – Does he sit up on his own? A:  Me – No.
Q : A well meaning person – Does he leave the bed? A:  Me – No.
It has been 10 months. Question / Answers - funny.  Really situation – sometimes scary.