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K. Vishwanath – Thank You

As a young family living in Andhra Pradesh in 1980s it would’ve been hard to miss movies of K. Vishwanath that are now regarded as classics.   His movies revolve around some theme of classical dance or music.   With no formal knowledge in this classical tradition, but with the ability to enjoy and appreciate art our parents were huge admirers of his movies.   By huge I mean diehard. 
We watched the movie Sagara Sangamam countless time -  as kids we made multiple trips to the theater with barely any comprehension of its mature theme,as young teens at home it seemed entertaining and as adults and equals with parents we spent countless hours appreciating and sometimes explaining certain nuances.   Music from his movies was a constant on our record player.
Now with all the post stroke rehabilitation we show, do and talk thing that we know our father enjoys.   We repeatedly played the scenes and songs from the Sagara Sangamam, Shankarabaranam,  and Swathi Muthyam.   He definitely enjoys  …